Tuesday, January 1, 2008


It doesn't take much for a year to roll over. Here we are in 2008. Ezra will be a year old on January 12th. Shall I throw a party? He is the most social person I know besides Marcos Chiappe, El Patron of Santa Barbara.

In other news, are there any cafes in Santa Barbara County where one can order a free range breakfast? Happy eggs, happy piggies, etc? I know, that pig was not happy when it got it's throat slit, but I would like to support a happy life up until that moment, as I would wish on all beings.

I hope to write about an organic farm in SYV this year--perhaps even this month!

To be very healthy
To walk my talk
To start a new business
To play music once a week
To love and support those who love and support me.
(That's the short list!)

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Trekking Left said...

Happy New Year! Thanks again for inviting us to your b-day party. It was great fun!