Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ezra Turns One!

Old news by now, but my little Ezra is now officially ONE. To top it off, he's walking. Yeah. Walking! Well, toddling like a drunken sailor and discovering new ways to bang his great head in the tumbles that follow toddles, but today, he held my hand and walked his way through the parking lot to the coffee shop.

We still cheer every time he walks on his own. I suppose there will be a weaning period there. I wonder how his first solo walk without an accompanying 'whew hew, way to go Ezra' will feel to him

Another break through. Ezra is asleep and its not yet 9pm. After a week of hell, sleepless nights and the sadness of letting him cry for up to 10 minutes on his own, we have developed a routine where he falls asleep on his own. If he doesn't do it on his own, he gets a supplemental aid, that will also require a bit of weaning at some point here, but the cool thing is, he's not tearing around the apartment right now getting grumpy in all of his hyperness.

Lovely outing today with the walking Ezra and Queen Whackamole. The outing inclulded a stroll through the sidewalkless citrus streets of Goleta, my first visit to Island Seed and Feed (didn't it used to be on the frontage road btwn Las Positas and La Cumbre?) where I purchased a flat of seedlings I hope to transform into my winter garden.

I'm off to do secret things!


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Chryss said...

That was a lovely outing! And a pleasure to witness so many of Ezra's toddlings. I plan to be woohooing him for a very long time.

There is still a feed store on the frontage road between Las Positas and La Cumbre. La Cumbre Feed is more of a traditional feed store, with hay and harnesses and all that, rather than the organic gardening wonderland that is Island.