Saturday, December 29, 2007

Presents & Time

This year we decided to go cold turkey and not spend Christmas day with my larger family. It was strange. No uncomfortable conversations, no wondering if anyone would drink too much, no need to see the goblins go crazy with too much stuff under the tree, yet experience some strange sense of lack--not in that sense of "gifts don't fulfill me, I just want quality time with my family" but in the sense of "I know there was one more present I wanted." Actually, my family is not all that bad. The kids really appreciate their gifts, and the food is always enjoyable. But, it was refreshing and simple to stay home.

So, this Christmas morning, I woke knowing that I would be spending the day with my beautiful baby Ezra and my incredible husband. I know, I know. So many sappy adjectives! But, I really do love these two more than I knew possible--and I got to spend the whole day with them! We only had stocking gifts for each other. AJ bought me a beautiful fair trade purse made in Thailand. I gave him organic socks, elephant shaped hot mitts and a bar of fair trade chocolate. Ezra received a little wooden train painted with vegetable dyes.

Indulgent friends Lauren and Nico sent Ezra awesome gifts--also from a fair trade store online.
An elephant on wheels, an abc block set in beautiful bright colors in a wooden cart, and a shape sorter in primary colors.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is we are doing it and it feels good! Friends are tuning in, and only getting us things they made or that are by craftspersons, or are second hand. We're not changing the world, but we are changing our consumer impact.

You may wonder if this is just a rambling to consumerism. I know buying is not the answer, even though our president tells us to go out and buy. But, if you must buy, then why not buy used, or sustainable, socially humane gifts?

It far time to log off and go hang with the dudes.


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