Wednesday, October 31, 2007

All Hallow's Eve

The big E had two costumes to choose from his first Halloween: cow or pumpkin. How does one get to a point, so quickly, of dressing up one's little human like a dolly? I suppose I knew it was in me, but I had no idea it was in my husband! He picked out the cow outfit, horns, tail and all. (At least there were no udders involved).

Out there, on the corridor between Ortega and Haley on State Street, adults and children in adult bodies are cruising the bars, wearing 'nefarious' clothing. In the neighborhoods, children are cruising for candy, and in a little apartment on the west side, a mom is feeding a baby a hand made meal in his high chair while husband is preparing dinner. I'd say that times have changed on many fronts for us. And we love it!

A shout out to Lilyana, who is also celebrating her first Halloween! I saw here in a get up earlier today, and she's one cute tiger!

And . . . if you want to see something scary, you must inquire about the mermaid doll knit by Queen Whackomole.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Does movie popcorn have GMOs?

Last night, my man and I had a wonderful sitter who loves our little guy, and we went out to a movie with a clear conscience knowing he was in good hands. My man agreed to see The Jane Austen Book Club. Since it's hard to coordinate getting out of the house, we arrived at the Riviera without dinner in our bellies, so we decided on some popcorn and a soda. I already know not to ask about the soda, but I asked the handsome, flirtatious boy man behind the counter a simple question about the popcorn that any sane person would ask.

"Is this popcorn made from genetically modified corn?" The smile left his face and he looked around for packaging, as if it would just give him the answer.
"Orville Redenbacher," he said. "I think that's a pretty good brand."
"Thanks!" I said. I decided, seeing as we were on date number 4 since the baby was born, that I'd take my chances. After watching a great movie, we went straight home to relieve the poor girl who sat with little E for a two and a half hour fuss session. the popcorn question had to be answered, so I did a search and according to an article entitled Pop Secrets by Amy Wmmer Schwarb, here's the scoop:

Popcorn has more going for it than a reputation as the most fun grain in the maize family. While some U.S. crops—soybeans, field corn and tomatoes come to mind—have been genetically altered with DNA from other living organisms, popcorn remains pure, its parentage selectively bred using techniques as old as Charles Darwin. The many improvements it has enjoyed over the decades are the result of good old-fashioned farming know-how—and lots of trial and error. Yet within the industry, breeders know there may come a day—five years from now? 10? 20?—when keeping up with the field production of genetically modified crops could challenge them to reconsider. Though the crop has ancient roots, the quest to breed a better popcorn is largely a 20th century phenomenon—one that might eventually be plagued by this even more modern question. No popcorn currently on the market is genetically modified (known in the breeding world as GMO), but Ken Ziegler, who retired last year as the popcorn-breeding agronomist at Iowa State University, says a nod of consumer acceptance could shift the future. “The big companies, for sure, have GMOs on their shelf, ready to go,” Ziegler says. “They have to, to be competitive.”

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Lilyana Isabella 9 days new!

Yeah. I'm still here. I'm almost becoming a Prine, having not written in my blog for so long, but I can fit one more thing into my lunch break.

The most important announcement you all know by now.
On Sunday, September 23rd, 2007, the world was blessed by the entry of one Lilyana Isabella Poupoure Drummey among our personage. She is one of those babies who's eyes are already open, who gets the swing of things from the start, and who has made two of my favorite people parents. A huge congrats to mama Delilah and dada Jonathan. I look forward to meeting her in person.

Okay, now onto eating lunch and going for a walk with 24 minutes and counting.