Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fair Indigo at the Shed

Here is the link to the white shirt I plan to purchase in January once the 2008 monthly budgeting for fair trade clothing is underway.


I'd love a collection of links from others who have found fair trade, sustainable, classic clothing that isn't more than twice what we'd pay at a department store.

I'm going to temporarily try "Google Ads" to see if they will advertise fair trade, sustainable items that are good for the environment or help people. The first ad seems to be on the right track. What do others think of ads? Is it selling out, or does it make sense?


Chryss said...

Let's not forget the #1 way to reduce impact and support local businesses and/or charities, 100% sweatshop free:

shop at your local thrift shop or consignment store.

Trekking Left said...

Nothing wrong with making some money if you're doing the right thing ... makes me think of Working Assets (now called Credo).

Kristin Anderson said...

Thrift shops rock! And so does Working Assets. We had them for the longest time . . . maybe time to switch back. . . hmmmm