Saturday, August 15, 2009

Talent as Derailment /Talent as Motivation

When I read something so well crafted and unpredictable, "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" for example, I find myself thinking I missed the literary boat a long time ago--like right after I finished my BA in English Literature and then moved to Idaho to be with a boy man.

Perhaps I missed the boat before then, when I was playing in three bands and exploring the many faces of Jaegermeister rather than the intricacies of Beowulf or Canterbury Tales, leaving my education to the illusionary genius of cramming and late night epiphanies.

Now, in the stillness of a Saturday afternoon, my son and husband at the zoo, the chocolate eaten, I come back here to my blog and ask why? What draws me here?

I've heard a handful of times that accomplished writers combine their talent with diligence. They create space in their lives to write--even when it turns out badly. Its the perserverance that pulls them through.

So, in honor of all those dollars mom and dad spent on my undergrad education, and in honor of the happiness that sometimes comes to me when I write, I will continue to spend time here and in other places where words align themselves--sometimes into meaningful verse.

Speaking of which, I am very impressed with Michelle Howard's recent column on the Huffington Post about the nature words we are losing in the junior dictionary.

Check it out here:

I won't say I'll try to write more often, because that sounds like a trap!

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