Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Miracle on Tuesday

Yesterday seemed like a normal enough day. I did the morning routine, came to work, read through my emails. But then the call came in on my cell phone. It was my niece, returning my call.
"I would like to go the party with you on Saturday," she said, and "yeah, Nathan {her boyfriend} will come too."

The Miracle? I, Noelle, made it on the agenda of my 17 year old niece on a SATURDAY. Okay, well, I'm not fully on the agenda. She qualified the call with "well, it is graduation weekend, so like, there may be other parties, but I'm pretty sure we can come."

Whenever I go to visit my family, she is a flitting butterfly, shining, mesmerizing, youthful, gone. And now that she has a boyfriend, those brief sitings of Ms. Niki are even less. So you see the miraculous quality of this Tuesday phone call.

Crossing my fingers!


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