Thursday, May 14, 2009

Are you 1 in 4?

If asked what I would be if I could do the work God put me on this earth to do (I saw my atheist friends flinch at that three letter word!), I would unequivocally say "a famous novelist." I have a hunch that about 1 in 4 people in developed nations have the same ambition.

Could that be why blogging is such a big deal? With such an unexplored dream bracing at the tip of my tongue, each blog entry feels like an acknowledgment of the preferred life path. Even if I have an audience of five, as my friend Shelley put it, that's better than an audience of one.

I once read a story about journals. Many many people keep journals, but have shelves of only half finished journals. I definitely fit that mold. Its as if we need a new outer encasement to re-inspire the forward momentum. I'm no longer a yellow daisy journal sort of gal. I need one with a peace symbol on the cover. Okay, that wasn't much of a stretch and I've only made three entries. I must need that journal with the skull and roses on the front--I'll write about some of the bigger issues facing humanity in such a journal. But, I never really liked skulls--not out of a fear of death, but out of wtf would I want a skull displayed on my clothing, my body or my secret writings?

Luckily, writing is something I CAN DO while keeping the day job. And in this economy, no one has to even say "keep the day job" to keep me in check.

I want to congratulate all my blogging friends who keep it going on. I won't make myself any promises, but it sure feels good to write, and I enjoy feeling good. And to the novelist within, know that this entry is more than a nod to your existence. It is a call to action. I plan to let you out on the weekend for an hour, so be ready to be brilliant!

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