Thursday, January 15, 2009

When East Coasters Come to Visit

If you're from California you're a Californian, but if you're living in Connecticut, are you a Connecticutian? or a Connecticonian? I know Google or Wiki could provide the answer instantly, but I like to live dangerously, and just let you consider the possibilities before you enter something in that search bar.

Our dear friends Lauren and Nico, who are the reason the man and I met in the first place, came to visit. They rolled in from Connecticut via a brief tour of Big Sur and transformed our tiny home into a hub of activity, constant conversation, celebrity worst dressed online viewing accompanied by cackling and the smell of coffee brewing on a regular basis.

They were reluctant to stay with us at first, seeing as we have a 2 year old now, but I have to say, it turned out to be a wonderful choice.

If you can get along with someone in your personal space first thing in the morning, it's well worth it to have friends stay with you rather than the hotel down the street. It created real time to hang out, and seeing the suitcases and extra sets of toothbrushes and wash cloths made me feel like this was a real visit, not the brushed up tidy visits of people meeting you for lunch or a walk before returning to their hotel.

One morning Lauren said--we all have the same sleepy, mellow morning energy. You can't replicate that with a mid morning meet up. Our late evening conversations (late for mamas and papas of youngens, anyway) brought another type of mellow happiness, although accompanied by more lively conversation and fits of laughter. (August, would you like a sound track?)

Even though it was sunny and in the low 70s here, the East Coasters had to check the East Coast weather every day. "Ice storm blowing in" and "it's below zero in Minnesota." It's as if they needed to confirm just how miserable it was at home to thoroughly enjoy the eternal sunshine of our unspotless home.

Thanks for coming friends! Who is next on the list?


Chryss said...

What a sweet post!

lauren said...

I just found out that we are indeed Connecticutians - which could be pronounced "Connecti- CUTE-ians", if one is so inclined...;;;