Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009: All about Change

Every new year seems to be about change, but this new year is different.
How many times have we said that? But this time, we have the spirit of Obama, and the looming recession/depression to kick us all in the butt and get us thinking about what's really important.

Today I read about a site called It calls for all social activits, well, all citizens to take Obama's call to be a part of the change as a serious invitation. Those who knew about before today, could have voted on the top 10 issues to share with Obama. Check it out if you have some time.

This year I want to:
Blog more
Write with a pen and paper (no mouse pens) at least once a month.
Visit at least ONE ecovillage
Bowl with friends
Make tortillas from scratch
Grow my garden
Grow my business
Step up my activism

I'll spare you the "exercise more, eat only healthy food, cut back on desserts and wine, etc".

Happy New Year!


Chryss said...

I just happen to have an excellent tortilla press you can try out. Makes delicious delicious little tortillas!

George said...

Does Wii bowling count?

Kristin Anderson said...

Yes! But wasn't that in 2008?