Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Noelle goes independent

On August 2nd, I wrote a little diddy about independence. Or, rather, I wrote a food article on Barcliff & Bair for the Santa Barbara Independent. To see the published story, go to http://independent.com/news/2007/aug/02/baby-barcliff-bair/

Thanks to George, who provided the opportunity to submit a piece, and to Shelley Shoemaker for agreeing to share her story. In other news, I learned an important lesson--email has serious limitations as a method of communicating sensitive information. Face to face communication is the way to go. I already knew this, but sometimes it takes a little 80s style head banging to let the lesson sink into every pore.

In other news, Jonathan & Delilah have a due date of September 12th, and BOY (or Girl?) is that just around the corner! So, be expecting cute baby pics of someone besides baby Ezra to be appearing on this blog.

On September 6th, Sarah Susanka, author of "The Not So Big House" will be speaking at the Marjorie Luke Theatre in Santa Barbara at 7pm. Cohort Michelle says she's an excellent speaker, and since I won't be able to attend the upcoming green conference in SF (http://www.westcoastgreen.com/), now's the time to see her in person, right here in our backyard.

Speaking of the backyard, the garden has a serious sun addiction, and we have a real live vegetables at our fingertips!

That's about it for this update.


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