Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lightning triathletic Garden Jazz

There's thunder and lighting outside, so hopefully I can compose and complete before the power goes out.

The Triathletes!
Sunday at 7am, I cycled on down to Cabrillo boulevard to catch the second half of the sprint triathalon for two reasons: Roy Hunter and Danny Briere. A third reason occured to me as I cycled along the empty streets of Santa Barbara and onto the bike path to witness the glorious hues of a Santa Barbara Sunday. The Arlington West volunteers were setting up the white crosses that represent the fallen American soldiers of the Iraq War. There was beauty within this sadness as well. Soon, I could not cycle on the bike path because it was filled with numbered men and women, huffing their way to the finish line. I steered my bike to the worn strip of yellow grass where those with an affinity for non paved surfaces walk between the palm trees. From there, I saw the man, Roy Hunter, jogging on the path in a meditative state.

I broke his reveree by calling out "whoo hoo Roy! Go Hunter!" I beat him on my bike to the finish line (he was headed out, not in) and there I also saw Danny Briere cross the finish line and after catching his breath, was embraced by his family. I gave both athletes a bouquet from my garden. I couldn't picture either of these men accepting flowers, so instead, I made two bouquets of chard from the garden. Roy got my humor. Danny was gracious, as you are with street people ranting to themselves as they look at you sideways. But isn't fresh chard what every man wants?

Jazz Greats
Monday night, we dropped baby E off with friends and headed to the Lobero to see the great Dave Brubeck quartet. Dave Brubeck made me laugh, cry and gaze on with wonder. Approaching his mid 80s, Brubeck is witty, his fingers still dance, and he knows how to work an audience. His sax player was so incredible that I actually took my sax to work today to play on my lunch break. We had the honor of going back stage where I met both of these inspirational men. Dave Brubeck is a walking aura of light and happiness. what an evening!

The Garden
Please see the picture posted!

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