Thursday, January 11, 2007

One more day til motherhood

As many of my friends and family know, tomorrow I am scheduled for a cesarian birth, and thus the official beginning of motherhood. I have many preconceived notions of motherhood, books I've read, relationships I've observed, my own experience with my mother, my husband's experiences with his mother. All of these ideas are free floating inside of my head, yet at the same time, there is an inner calm. It will come. I will become a mommy.

How recent is the phenomenon of choosing a date to become parents? As I recall from a recent article in the New Yorker on cesarian births, more and more women in developed nations are opting for cesarians, and more and more doctors are turning to cesarian births when natural pregnancy poses problems--such is our case. Doctors also push for a cesarian to avoid potential lawsuits, and knowing the litigious nature of American society, I don't blame them. Some of my European friends look upon me with pity, that I can not experience natural childbirth. I look upon the experience as a miracle. It is through this process that my life and the life of the baby will not be threatened. It is not fool safe. A million things could still go wrong, but statistically speaking, we are in good hands.

No one can tell us what it will be like, as one thing that is for sure--we are all individuals and will have our own experience as parents. I am looking forward to it!


Patrick said...

Welcome to blogging, fellow newbie. Cool post about the Mexican ladies. And, of course, all the best tomorrow.

Kristin Anderson said...


Thank you for your post! I really like your blog--it makes me want a copy of that novel/play (?) you promised me so long ago over drinks. So have a drink for us tomorrow at happy hour!


Chryss said...

Princess Whackamole's birth was scheduled as well, since--like her mother and grandmother--she thought it would be kinda funny to moon the doctor as she was being born. But, too bad for her, standard practice now is to deliver breech babies by c-section...
Anyway, her birth was scheduled. So she decided to beat the doctor to the punch, and insisted on being born early, calling him away from an anniversary dinner with his wife.
Ha ha! Way to sock it to the man, princess!

George said...

Wow--giving birth to a boy and a blog in the same week!

All the best today, "Noelle"!

George said...

sS when do you start posting baby pictures?