Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Introducing Aguayo Shed

Aguayo is the maiden name of my paternal grandmother Mercedes and her wild sister Ta, both born somewhere in Mexico on the legendary ranch of Uisamopa. Their father owned a silver mine. Their large family fled to Los Angeles during the Mexican Revolution between 1910 and 1916 when the ranch was taken over by the people. Despite a good 9 inch difference in our heights (me being the taller), and my pale, freckled skin, I related to these two little, fiercely strong women, and feel most connected with their heritage. Although they have both since left this earth, their presence in my formative years has helped shaped my ideology--including beliefs that developed in opposition to theirs. I thus take the name "Noelle Aguayo" as my blog persona.

Aguayo shed is viewed as a place for me to wood shed on my ideas and share them with friends and an unknown public. Here goes!

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Chryss said...

Welcome to the blogsphere, Noelle! How about taking the meme challenge?