Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day Happiness

I am so thankful to have a fledgling business. Well, its not such a fledgling anymore. It has some feathers on its back and webs between its toes and is beginning to paddle along. Lime Green Monkey celebrated its one year anniversary at the 2010 Earth Day Celebration in Santa Barbara.

And, thankfully, a local paper called the Daily Sound responded to a press release, interviewed me and wrote their own write up about Lime Green Monkey and our organic cotton handkerchiefs.

I am so happy to read so many positive comments about our handkerchiefs in the comments section of this article!

I also learned from that an estimated 1 billion plus people will be involved in Earth Day celebrations this year! That is incredible!

There were several complaints that the Santa Barbara Earth Day celebration has become too corporate and leaves out the little guy. I would not have been able to participate if Women's Economic Ventures hadn't sponsored a booth for its green business graduates. So, I too fall in that category of little guy who would have dropped off the green revolution radar, despite the fact that I'm starting the handkerchief revolution, which is all about green if you know what I mean.

Anyway, it is a debate, because change does need to happen on a big level for us to make an impact. Yet, over and over, we hear that it is the little steps that make a difference as well, and if we don't support people and businesses in the fledgling stage of making such changes, we are missing out on future opportunities and niches of ecological friendliness.

Should I rejoice if Walmart offers eco-friendly products, or should I continue to steer clear of this mega store due to its history of low wages and exploitation of workers, and its tendency to wipe out downtown storefronts across America when it comes to town and undercuts all competition, regardless of longevity or local history? I think its all about gray. Yes, its a good thing that Walmart is going green, even if it is just based on a desire to improve corporate image to keep the bottom line strong.

I digress! Yet, tomorrow is Earth Day and this makes me very happy! Another chance to celebrate!

Kindness everyone and Happy Earth Day to you! I certainly hope we not only have it in us to save the environment, but that we take action every day.


WEF said...

As we celebrate today the "Earth Day" may we start to get into habit the green lifestyle to show importance to our habitat. It's never too late, we can still preserve our mother nature.

Kristin Anderson said...

I hope you are right. I hope it is never too late, or not too late! Happy Earth Day to you WEF.