Friday, January 15, 2010


Dear universe,

Thank you for kindness in the world. Thank you for connection. Thank you for provision. One the eve of Ezra's 3rd birthday party, an unexpected package arrived from Connecticut. I unwrapped it in surprise. What could possibly be in this package? As we unwrapped the presents, we discovered a Flip Video Camera. All of our videos of Ezra in the first 3 years of his life are grainy, poorly lit little videos.

This video camera seems to transform even a dimly lit room into a kindly lit setting, and we have already filmed Ezra in action. Thank you to Lauren and Nico, for sending such an unexpected gift that has returned daddy Arie into the Paparazzi of Ezra's first years!


Noelle Aguayo


lauren said...

You're very welcome!! Can't wait to see the Ezra videos! Enjoy - Love, L&N

Chryss said...

How wonderful! You guys will have so much fun with that!