Wednesday, October 7, 2009

That Half Marathon and Other things

Just like any long journey, I suppose I needed time to process my half marathon, which was a month ago yesterday. I did it! All 13.1 miles of it! It was an exciting experience to run with 20,000 other people, to be up before dawn, to feel the excitement build, to be in a crowd silenced by the first notes of the Star Spangled Banner and to feel tears actually welling up in my eyes.

I was impressed that so many people all over the country were training for this event--all scheduling training runs into their busy schedules, with friends or alone. It really gave me a sense of solidarity I haven't had in a long while, because training for such an event is not part of our daily culture--especially after you graduate from college and no longer participate in sports.

Luckily, Barry and Chyrss were there with me to experience a few hours of running in the city of Anaheim and in parts of Disneyland. Would I do it again? Nope. Once is enough. But, I see a 10k in my future, God willing.

Other things! I am so happy to be alive and healthy and to have friends and family that love and care about me. How lucky is that? How blessed is that? Very very blessed.

Peace and Love,


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Trekking Left said...

What a nice post, Kristin. I feel the same way.

And I'm with you on the 10K limit :)