Friday, April 11, 2008

Recycled US Tires

Design Within Reach, with all of its nifty designs, just sent out an email with hand crafted rubber baskets, a set of three a mere $350. The write up starts in about the 300 million tires Americans throw in the landfill each year, and designers are coming up with a small solution to the big problem--creating household wares. I thought, hey, these are pretty snazzy. Then, I read that they are made in EGYPT! So, these used American tires are shipped to Egypt, go through a manufacturing process, and then are shipped back to the US. Does this seem slightly sick and wrong?

Happy Friday!

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Trekking Left said...

Yeah, using a bunch of oil to ship the tires all over the planet seems like it kind of defeats the purpose ... I do like the concept, though. I heard that one of the cool things they use this for is the bottom of shoes.