Wednesday, October 31, 2007

All Hallow's Eve

The big E had two costumes to choose from his first Halloween: cow or pumpkin. How does one get to a point, so quickly, of dressing up one's little human like a dolly? I suppose I knew it was in me, but I had no idea it was in my husband! He picked out the cow outfit, horns, tail and all. (At least there were no udders involved).

Out there, on the corridor between Ortega and Haley on State Street, adults and children in adult bodies are cruising the bars, wearing 'nefarious' clothing. In the neighborhoods, children are cruising for candy, and in a little apartment on the west side, a mom is feeding a baby a hand made meal in his high chair while husband is preparing dinner. I'd say that times have changed on many fronts for us. And we love it!

A shout out to Lilyana, who is also celebrating her first Halloween! I saw here in a get up earlier today, and she's one cute tiger!

And . . . if you want to see something scary, you must inquire about the mermaid doll knit by Queen Whackomole.


Chryss said...

Sounds like a very Happy Halloween for the little cowkin and his parents, the first of many! Thanks for including us in his first parade. Feejee thanks you too. :-)

Trekking Left said...

Note to self - cancel plans to be mermaid next year for Halloween.